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Each product includes magnesium flakes sourced from the Netherlands, ancient Zechstein seabed; known for the purity of its minerals, swirled into essential oils that are targeted to soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation.

Magnesium is important for multiple biological processes within our body and studies have proven its ability to absorb when applied topically. Plants cannot absorb energy from the sun that's needed for photosynthesis without the appropriate amount of magnesium; let that sink in when understanding how much magnesium does for our own bodies. Regardless of how you supplement magnesium in your life - I challenge you to do your own research and strive to increase magnesium in your day. I prefer Magnesium Glycinate for best absorption.

I have had my magnesium cream available since 2020 when I started my business, formerly known as 'Tough Workout' and 'Relief Cream'. I have played with the name over the years. I love naming my products, it makes their creation have a closer piece of my heart. They are my babies, and both products go deeper than just "magnesium" with all the other thoughtfully incorporated ingredients.

  • Soil + Sea Magnesium Cream
  • Align Topical Magnesium Oil Mist
  • Unwind Magnesium Milk Bath
  • Grace Deodorant Cream