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What Makes The Rolling Bell Unique?

A bulk of business start ups stem from prior experience in an industry. This is certainly a piece of my story, too.

I started working as a Dermatology Nurse on May 14, 2014. Reiterating and educating what the dermatologist suggests; assisting in biopsies, elective and skin cancer related surgeries have been included in my daily tasks. I enjoy every moment I am working on the medical side of skin, however the 'skincare' side is my passion and what has led me to founding The Rolling Bell Skincare.

Warm welcome! My name is Kasi, Owner and Formulator here at The Rolling Bell Skincare. I am a mother to two humans, not enough animals and too many plants; a graduate of a nationally accredited natural skincare formulating program and actively working towards my Bachelor's degree in Small Business.

My handcrafted products are like 'eating a rainbow', but for your skin!

When you 'eat a rainbow', you eat fruits and vegetables from each color to get a variety of important vitamins and nutrients; my skincare line has the same concept by utilizing ingredients derived from an array of herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Each ingredient is extracted from our Earth, serving a purpose for your skin.

All formulations are respectful to our skin's microbiome with a pH 5 - 5.5.

Plant-based | Cruelty-free | Eco-friendly

Skincare is important to me because our skin is our largest organ. It’s our body's shield from outside environmental factors throughout our entire lives.
As our skin is always there to protect us, it's care can be highly overlooked.

We should take as much care with what we put on to our bodies as we do into our bodies.

Wearing protective clothing, a hat, sunglasses and using sunscreen are all vital for the longevity of our skin.

Always remember: "on your birthday, check your birthday suit!"

This is a flooded industry, but as a woman in her early 30’s - I knew I still had not found a skincare line I was absolutely in love with and ready to carry with me into maturing skin years

Maybe I loved a product, but I didn’t love the price. Or loved the price, but the product didn’t serve my skin. That small gap of my own personal experience let me know there are plenty of humans in this world and I would find my people.

To The Rolling Bell Family 
whether it’s a kind word, social media interaction, a message of inspiration, reviews, trying my products, accepting samples, all of the above; you give my small business a purpose and I will forever be grateful for each and every one of you!


'The Rolling Bell' stems from my Grandma Chrissy Bell.

We have a love for the The Rolling Stones;
I love Keith Richards and Gram loves Mick Jagger, it's something we have always shared together.

Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie.. legends who I’m grateful to respect and love.

Gram took me to my first Rolling Stones concert when I was in 4th grade, the Bridges to Babylon Tour!

I still have a clear image of Mick Jagger coming out over us on the bridge and the security guard giving me a stool to stand on so I could see better!

Fast forward 22 years later, we attended the No Filter Tour in Chicago!

Seeing them up on stage as an adult, still standing next to my Grandma, are moments I will never forget.

This accounts for ‘The Rolling’ and Gram's last name accounts for ‘Bell’.

The hand squeezing in my logo is a drawing of my Great Grandma Manuela's hand.

It's easy to remember my Grandma's hands because she was always working with them; her love to cook and feed anyone who walked through the door is a prominent memory I keep.

She was a special person, who always treated me with love and kindness and I believe my work ethic comes from her.

My heart is full having my Grandma's incorporated into my business.

I am eager to see where this venture takes me and for the inspirational and talented humans I will meet along the way!

Thank you for giving my small business space in your world!

Protect your energy, collagen and craft. Always!

Xx, Kasi


  • Hello Kasi, Donna Gilbert here, met you @ Corso’s event. I believe I have joined your reward program correctly, except my birthday is 11/15. You had said you would apply my purchased $ to the rewards. I got 2 chapstick, a bodybuilder & a bodyscrub. I would appreciate that. I absolutely LOVE the chapstick!! Will be getting more !
    Thank you,

    Donna Gilbert
  • I just received my first bottle of beard oil. Smells and feels terrific and natural. A definite success. Great job Kasi!

  • I’ve used the lip balm, my lips were very dry, and cracked, the national brands were not doing what I needed, I tried The Rolling Bell product, and what a relief! first time I used it, was an instant relief! ,within about 3 or 4 days of normal use, my lips were back to normal and feel great!!! I keep using it to keep from having the pain that comes with chapped lips. I honestly cant say enough great things about this product!! Kasi does a great job making it with all natural products! Thank you Kasi for making a great lip balm that works!!


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