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My Purpose

Aside from motherhood, nature is the closest thing to magic I know.

Skincare is important to me because our skin is our largest organ, it’s our body's shield from outside environmental factors throughout our entire lives.

As our skin is always there to protect us, it's care is highly overlooked.

We should take as much care with what we put onto our bodies as we do into our bodies.

My occupation is nursing in a dermatology office, I love this job! I am surrounded by phenomenal providers and fellow nurses. Although, the medical side is where I have worked for the past seven years, the skincare side is my passion!

I recently graduated with my Associate of Science degree from Bowling Green State University and obtained a Natural Skincare Formulating Diploma from a nationally accredited formulating program.

I am giving you this background, so when you buy from me, you know I am putting nature and education into each of my creations.

Every creation I make has ingredients listed and why I chose that ingredient; it’s purpose for you.

I grew up very close to my Gram. A vivid memory I have with her is from when I was little, picking dandelions and soaking them in olive oil to wear as "perfume". We didn't know what we were doing, all that mattered is she and I were doing it together!

Recently, I gifted her my "Wildflowers in a Bottle" in the exact same spot we made the dandelion "perfume". She loved it!! And I loved that moment!

Looking back on my life, I know every step has led me to this business I have created.

Now onto the story of The Rolling Bell name..

The Rolling Bell name stems from my Grandma Bell.
We have a love for the The Rolling Stones; I love Keith Richards and Gram loves Mick Jagger, it's something we have always shared together.
My first Rolling Stones concert was in 4th grade- Bridges to Babylon Tour! I still have a clear image of Mick Jagger coming out over us on the bridge and the security guard giving me a stool to stand on so I could see better!
This accounts for "The Rolling" and "Bell" accounts for my Gram's, chosen, last name: Bell.

The hand squeezing in my logo is a drawing of my Great Grandma Manuela's hand.
It's easy to remember my Grandma's hands because she was always working with them, fresh tortillas are one of the main things I remember!
Despite being younger when she passed, my mom and dad always did a great job making sure we spent time together.
She was a special person, who always treated me with love and kindness and I believe my work ethic comes from her. ❤

My heart is full having my Grandma's incorporated into my business.

I am eager to see where this venture takes me and for the inspirational and talented humans I will meet along the way! I appreciate everyone I meet and truly believe every experience, good or bad, has something to teach me in this life. 

To my customers, past, present & future: thank you for being you!

The Rolling Bell Presentation:

Results driven, natural skincare with each ingredient selected serving a purpose for you.

Leaping Bunny Certified Business
My listing on their Compassionate Shopping Guide

Fair Trade, when necessary. 

Locally Sourced, when possible.

Eco-Conscious, always.

Skincare that can be trusted and used for the long haul.

Wearing protective clothing, a hat, sunglasses and using sunscreen are all vital for the longevity of our skin.

Always remember: "on your birthday, check your birthday suit!"
Click here to find a dermatologist near you

If pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician before using essential oils.

Anyone with nut allergies should check ingredient list carefully before purchasing!

As always, thank you for visiting. Hope to have you back soon!


  • I just received my first bottle of beard oil. Smells and feels terrific and natural. A definite success. Great job Kasi!

  • I’ve used the lip balm, my lips were very dry, and cracked, the national brands were not doing what I needed, I tried The Rolling Bell product, and what a relief! first time I used it, was an instant relief! ,within about 3 or 4 days of normal use, my lips were back to normal and feel great!!! I keep using it to keep from having the pain that comes with chapped lips. I honestly cant say enough great things about this product!! Kasi does a great job making it with all natural products! Thank you Kasi for making a great lip balm that works!!


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