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Natural skincare is important to me because our skin is our largest organ and we should take care with what we apply on our skin. My occupation is nursing in a dermatology office, I love this job! I am surrounded by phenomenal doctor's and fellow nurses. Although, the medical side is where I have worked for the past six and half years, the skincare side is my passion!
I am two months from being a BGSU Graduate with my Associate of Science degree. I am prepared for the LPN-RN bridge program, with only nursing classes and clinicals left at this point. I am enrolled in a nationally accredited natural skincare formulating program and herbalism program. I am not slowing down on this venture. I am giving you this background, so when you buy from me, you know this is not just a hobby and I am putting as much educational background into my products as possible!

I grew up very close to my Gram and she lives about as natural as one can live. A vivid memory I have with her is from when I was little, picking dandelions and soaking them in olive oil to wear as "perfume". We didn't know what we were doing, all that mattered is she and I were doing it together!

Recently, I gifted her my "Wildflowers in a Bottle" in the exact same spot we made the dandelion "perfume". She loved it!! And I loved that moment!

Looking back on my life, I know every step has led me to this business I have created: The Rolling Bell, LLC. 

Now onto the story of The Rolling Bell name..

A few weeks ago I reached out to someone to help turn a vision into a reality. The Rolling Bell name comes from my Grandma Bell. We have a love for the The Rolling Stones, I love Keith Richards and Gram loves Mick Jagger, it's something we have always shared together. My first Rolling Stones concert was in 4th grade- Bridges to Babylon Tour! I still have a clear image of Mick Jagger coming out over us on the bridge and the security guard giving me a stool to stand on so I could see better! This accounts for "The Rolling" and "Bell" accounts for my Gram's, chosen, last name: Bell.
Now, for the hand squeezing in my logo, this is a drawing of my Great Grandma Manuela's hand. It's easy to remember my Grandma's hands, because she was always working with them, fresh tortillas are one of the main things I remember! Despite being younger when she passed, my mom and dad always did a great job making sure we spent time together. She was a special person, who always treated me with love and kindness. Grandpa passed when I was even younger, but I remember our trips to get candy at the Corner Store in Green Springs ❤

My heart is so full to have my Grandma's incorporated into my business.

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