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Leaping Bunny Certified

The Rolling Bell, LLC Skincare line is Leaping Bunny Certified!

šŸ°Although I have went through their certification process and I have agreed to independent audits; I have not purchased rights to their logo just yet.

What doesĀ Leaping Bunny CertifiedĀ mean?

Leaping Bunny is the international gold standard for a cruelty-free certification.

Not only are my final products not tested on animals, my suppliers (meaning ingredients in my products) are also committed to being free of animal testing.

This standard prevents future animal testing as well.

The Rolling Bell Skincareā€™s listing on the Compassionate Shopping Guide

What other certifications am I interested in obtaining?

Fair Trade Federation as many of my ingredients, although purchased from companies within the USA, are sourced from other countries, for example: Shea Butter is derived from the fruit nut of a Shea Tree in Africa. I want to promise that I am paying a fair cost for this product and the person who is getting this butter to America is being paid properly, too.

Rainforest Alliance Certification is very intriguing to me, it's a seal that means my ingredients were produced by farmers/foresters who are working together to create a world where people and nature can thrive in harmony. I find this important for my essential oil use, I want to be educated that all essential oil use here at The Rolling Bell is sustainable and not causing harm to the environment and nature by coming from a tree or plant that is going extinct or causing our wildlife to lose a home. I have been waiting a call back from them to make sure my mind understands their seal properly.

I am excited to have started steps to be part of these communities.

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