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Every beauty brand needs their own signature fragrance; Welcome to my Meraki Natural Fragrance Collection.

Meraki | doing something with your soul, creativity and love, by putting a piece of yourself into your work.

Fragrances in this collection are curated from a naturally handcrafted blend, made with organic sugar cane alcohol.

Meraki Sunshine is a uniquely subtle, yet intoxicating night blooming flower, met with a wild rose and hints of citrusy fruits, carried away with faint notes of vanilla.

Strawberry Nectar reminds you of a nostalgic summer night; featuring sweet notes of strawberry, met with a pure, yet slightly exotic complexity as the scent drifts.

These are The Rolling Bell’s signature, natural perfume fragrances.

Meraki Earth drenches your senses with it’s rustic woodsy nuances, amidst a confidently daring twist, carried away with sharp, cooling herbaceous notes.

This is The Rolling Bell’s signature, natural cologne fragrance.

  • Meraki Sunshine Perfume
  • Strawberry Nectar Perfume
  • Meraki Earth Cologne
  • Bare Refresh Spray