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Essential oils are "natural" products, however this does not mean they are all safe for everyone. Essential oil use has many wonderful benefits, but they must be respected. Essential oils must be diluted properly before any use. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from plants. This Collection will only contain products that I sell which are considered "Kid Safe". If any product does not fall under this Collection and you have children under the age of 11, please do not use on the child and keep out of reach of children.

You will see products with Eucalyptus* in this collection and that is because I specifically use Eucalyptus Dives. Please note that some forms of eucalyptus are not safe for children due to their highly quantity of 1-8 Cinole. Those being Eucalyptus Globulus and Eucalyptus Radiata.

Please keep in mind that Essential Oils only make up 1% out of 100% of all of my formulas and recipes. Or simpler said: Essential oils are being diluted properly in each product.

I carefully selected essential oils that a labeled "kid safe" for this collection and also consulted with the Aromatherapist with Plant Therapy (where I source my essential oils), however please consult with your physician regarding my natural products prior to use on children. 

  • Ruby Moon Lip Balm
  • Eucalyptus + Lavender Body Butter
  • Entirety Butter
  • Rose Garden Body Butter
  • Sunshine in a Jar Body Butter
  • Momma's Belly Butter