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Other Local Businesses to Check Out

Hi everyone! 

Today I wanted to share other local businesses to check out, some have websites and some are Facebook groups or Etsy Shops!
Since starting this journey I have met the *most* wonderful women and they all have so much passion behind what they do, which makes me even more excited to share their work here with you!
Buckle up because the list is long!

The first business I am going to share is Hot Momma Seasoning.
  • Cheryl is behind this idea and I am following her lead.
  • Cheryl has a variety of seasonings to offer to spice up your meals, along with recipes to follow!
Below is a link to Cheryl's website!
Hot Momma Seasoning

The next business is Port Edin Farm! A wonderful Farm Stand nestled in Castalia.

  • Swing by on your way home from work for some fresh herbs, microgreens and veggies to add to your dinner!
  • Amber is so knowledgeable on farming and offers so much to our community!!

Below is a link to Port Edin Farm's Facebook page. 
Port Edin Farm

The next business is a Local Diverse Handyman, servicing Northern Ohio. Rob offers:

  • Custom Tiling
  • Powerwashing
  • Mobile Mechanic
  • Electrically Contracting
  • Programming
  • Computer Issues

Below is a link to his website.
Lee Brother's at

The next business is Infused with Love Company.

  • Jessica makes handcrafted soy candles and they are all wonderful!

Below is a link to Jessica's Facebook page! Please check out and 'like' her Facebook page.
Infused with Love Company

The next business is a hometown boutique, Cosi Bella

  • Alisa has an array of options within her boutique! It is absolutely beautiful!

Below is a link to her Facebook page so you can follow her business hours and new arrivals.
Cosi Bella Boutique

The next business is Homestead 183
  • Nick and Katie have started a microgreen business nestled in small town Clyde, Ohio.
  • Follow Homestead 183 on Facebook and Instagram to learn more!        

This is a Wellness Journal to help you stay on track during your journey to improve your health and it was created by Angela! She is a small business from Indiana!
The link below directs you to Angela's journal!
Activate Wellness Journal

The next business is a non-profit organization right out of Castalia, Ohio!!
Have a Hive is present for us to donate to beekeepers and help our pollinator's. Below is a link to read all about Trent's environmental work!
Have a Hive

The next business is Health Plus Natural Foods, LTD on Route 250 in Sandusky.
  • I love this location because I know when I am buying vitamins for myself and my kids I am getting quality, whole-food vitamins our bodies will actually absorb!
  • I couldn't list everything this amazing establishment has to offer, so if you haven't check them out- please do yourself a favor, your body will thank you!!
Below is a link to their Facebook page so you can follow their business hours and posts!

Health Plus Natural Foods, LTD

The next business is Norma Jean Co.

  • Brittany makes handcrafted Car Freshies with a variety of styles and scents!

Below is a link to her Facebook Group where you can see her options and scents.
Brittany is not currently taking orders, but you can join for her updates!
Norma Jean Co.

The next business is LA Hair Design in Green Springs.

  • Lorrie offers hair, nail and massage services and is a distributor of bareMinerals Make Up!

Below is a link to her Facebook page.
LA Hair Design

Looking for artisan, handcrafted and locally made jewelry? Neverland Baubles is your spot!! 

  • Please check out Wendy's work!

Below is a link to her Etsy shop where you can view all she has to offer!
Neverland Baubles

The next business is Miracle Sea Moss.

  • Nesy, her husband and daughter created this business to help people optimize their health with 92 minerals, collagen and more within their wildcrafted Sea Moss!
  • It is a wonderful additive to your smoothies, coffee and more!
  • Nesy also has a business on Route 250 in Sandusky called Miracle Suites Hair, Beauty, Spa and Lounge. 

Below is a link to Nesy's wesbite!
Miracle Sea Moss

The next business is 143 Sweets.

  • Jenna is a local baker and has her sweets in Castalia Market and Hogue's in Bellevue.
    She also takes orders for personal items! 

Below is a link to her Facebook page to follow all of her exciting news!
143 Sweets

The next business is Donya's Creations. I especially loved the headbands I bought for my daughter when she was a baby and the hair ties I have bought for myself!

  • Local, handcrafted creations by Donya!

Below is a link to her Etsy Shop to check out all she has to offer!
Donya's Creations

Also, check out Paper Kite Creation for her earrings, hair clips and more! Rachael does breathtaking work!
Paper Kite Creation

The Stemshire
is a must for the Spring and Summer!!

  • Go out and enjoy her beautiful green thumb, take pictures in the flowers and then take home a vase of fresh cut flowers you create!!

Below is a link to her Facebook page to follow her business hours.
The Stemshire

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