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Collection: International Energy Planner: 2023

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Daily | Weekly | Monthly Planner

Print size: 6″ x 9″, perfect for carrying with you, always!

Below is a breakdown of what you'll find inside this 94 page planner.

  • 'Table talk' topics.
  • Skincare tips and how to perform a skin self-exam at home; get to know your skin. 

Monthly calendar comes with

  • A list for birthdays, then checkbox if your plan is 'call' or 'gift', so you can plan accordingly for the month. I love to remember birthdays; taking it a step further than a Facebook post truly makes your friends and family feel that much more special.
  • Bills tracker for the month with checkbox 'paid'.
  • Routine follow-ups tracker. Stay ahead of your health!

Weekly calendar comes with

  • A checkbook ledger to track spending.
  • Habit trackers including wash your face, SPF, vitamins, protein goal, water intake goal, movement goal, a reminder to call a friend or family member each day.
  • A space for shopping list and your personalized notes.

At the end of each weekly calendar there's a meal planner and shopping list for each week of the month.

At the end of the year there is

  • Christmas gift tracker
  • Vacation ideas and savings tracker  
  • Christmas card address book
  • Subscriptions tracker
  • Username and password hint tracker

Finalized with a few pages for notes, then a reminder to buy your following year planner.

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