Why Consistency is Key in Skincare

If you've spent time here or on The Rolling Bell's social media, the goal is to provide takeaways; even if you don't use my skincare line. Establishing a ground for trust and communication is important to me.

I didn't create my business to just "sell things" to you. I want to advocate for your skin.

Maybe you already have a wonderful routine established, or maybe you're in the midst of trying different products attempting to find what works best for you, or maybe you have thrown your hands up at skincare and feel it isn't necessary for you. For your skin's sake, I hope you didn't choose the latter.

There are important roles for you to take to ensure your skin is healthy. 

A morning and bedtime routine for your skin should be as cyclical as brushing your teeth.

Find a cleanser that suites your needs. 

Always remember to apply a moisturizer after cleansing to lock in that hydration, while replenishing your skin barrier.

Apply SPF.

Gentle exfoliation a few times a week encourages smooth, luminous skin.

This is the most basic form of skincare.

Are you interested in more? A toner, a serum, an eye cream. How in the world does one layer all of these products?

Why do people use toners?

Toners are created to restore our skin's pH balance after cleansing our face, boost hydration, balance our sebum and brighten our complexion.

A toner should be used after cleansing your face, then followed with your moisturizer.

Radiance Face Mist
is a toning spritz offered at The Rolling Bell.

Why do people use serums?

Serums deliver an intense dose of ingredients to brighten our skin, increase cell renewal, protect and improve overall skin texture. 

Any serum is best to be applied after cleansing our skin (and toning, if using a toner), but before our moisturizer.

I like to think of a serum as an extra layer of shield and protection.

Antheia Hydration Serum and LUXE Face Serum are two types of serums, with completely different jobs offered at The Rolling Bell.

Antheia Hydration Serum a hydration boost blend, with active ingredients of hyaluronic acid, snow mushroom extract and many more thoughtfully incorporated ingredients. 
When you stay consistent with hydration, glowing skin returns.

Your skin soaks up Antheia leaving behind a hydrated, healthy feel; ready for LUXE Face Serum.

LUXE MultiVite + Antioxidant Serum is the antidote to dull, lifeless skin! A multi-complex vitamin, antioxidant and ceramide concentrate. Handcrafted with the intention to 'wake up' and protect the skin on our face.

LUXE can be applied right before your moisturizer or by itself for lightweight nourishment; it can be used as a final step in your routine.

Why do people use Eye Creams or Serums?

Eye creams and serums are mostly targeted to soften and nourish the skin around our eyes, while toning and tightening fine lines.

Perk 'n Flowers Advanced Eye Serum and Enliven Eye Serum are morning and bedtime eye serums offered at The Rolling Bell.

Perk 'n Flowers focuses on tightening, plumping and priming our orbital area for the day.

Enliven focuses on nourishing, replenishing and protecting our orbital area at bedtime.

Eye serum should be applied prior to your moisturizer.

Exfoliation, Exfoliation Exfoliation!

We should choose two to three days a week for gentle exfoliation.

Our skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells and you can help remove the build up of dull, dry skin by gently exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing routinely.

Strawberry Honey Face + Lip Scrub leaves your face refreshed and invigorated with a non-greasy rinse away, bringing your most natural glow forward!

Lastly, SPF!

Why is SPF so important 
and how we can help improve our skin after making mistakes in the sun.

How to prevent skin cancer and keep our skin healthy and happy.

Your make up is not enough! It drives me bonkers when I see make up companies boast about their SPF rating within their foundation, concealer, etc. 

Let me unpack this for you:

Once you’ve applied your foundation or concealer in the morning, is it normal behavior to apply another coat every 80 minutes while out in the sun?

Most people are going to say: No way, Kasi.. that's silly.

Then why does it matter if your make up has SPF? I have been asking this question for nearly a decade. 

Here is a link to a brand that actually makes sense when it comes to applying SPF throughout your day. 

I know, I dislike the price as well. I wish a larger skincare company would pick this up, make it more affordable and get it on shelves everywhere.

I will say it has lasted me since April. I use it most days. That's so far 6 months of use. So, their products are small and expensive, but long lasting.

Skincare is not one size fits all. There's a lot to unpack when explaining different products, but every product serves a purpose to someone and their skin type.

There are many wonderful skincare businesses out there. I hope you find the products your skin needs and may the relationship between you and your skin always be thriving.

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