Up Volume! Gracefully Maturing Face Serum

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Poly-peptide, stem cell + ceramide concentrate.

Why 'Up Volume!'
Up Volume is a term used in the stock market, as a security that leads to an increase in value. To me, this formula is just that - a security that increases in value every time it's applied to our skin.

Hydrating, free radical fighting, vitamin-enriched daily formulas have been perfected for all skin types; it's time to get specific.

Up Volume! has been curated specifically for gracefully maturing skin - saturated in a multi-peptide, apple stem cell and ceramide blend.

Reintroducing high end collagen boosting peptides like Matrixyl 3000 and Argireline; 

How can you incorporate this into your skincare regimen?
Apply to freshly cleansed skin, as an 'active' layer of skincare. Allow to absorb completely - then rehydrate skin with a splash of water or Radiance Hydration Essence and continue with your normal skincare routine.

If you choose to use this serum, it would take the place of LUXE Face Serum in the 'Proper Skincare Routine' steps!