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Trading plants is more fun!
If you prefer to trade there's also a group of us on Facebook called 'The Plant Exchange Group'; we would love to have you join our plant community!
Lots of wonderful people with an array of plants to trade!

Please note, pots and sizes of plant may vary.

  • Plants are fully rooted.
  • Each plant is air purifying.
  • Get yourself a starter, then propagate yourself.

    They bring an excellent accent to all homes, but be aware you may become obsessed and end up with them all over your house.

    I love trading plants, too! So if you prefer to trade just message me!

Pothos (epipremnum aureum) are native to the jungles of Malaysia. They are highly adaptable with glossy, heart-shaped leaves. They are easy to care for and tolerate both bright, indirect light and low light conditions. 

Pothos must be kept up away from children and pets, as they’re known to be toxic if consumed. Reaction is known to cause sickness, not death.

  • Do not repot until roots no longer fit in current container, then only go up one pot size. Roots thrive in tight spaces.
  • Water once soil feels dry knuckle deep. 
  • Fertilize monthly during the Spring & Summer (growing months).

My three favorite house plants are Snake, Pothos & Spider due to their non-fussy, simple care and air purifying abilities.

I am so excited to share them with you!