Inner Beauty Body Oils
Inner Beauty Body Oils
Inner Beauty Body Oils
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Inner Beauty Body Oils

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Inner Beauty Body Oils are elegantly handcrafted with a blend of lightweight plant oils to soften our skin, lock in existing moisture and finalized with a pinch of bronzer to leave behind a sun-kissed glimmer. 

Infused with a Brazilian sourced extract from the seed of a little red fruit that has a long history of use as a 'sunless tanning oil.' 

Your skin soaks up this blend leaving behind a velvety, soft feel.

Essential Oil Blends

Eucalyptus Lavender

  • Notorious blend of eucalyptus and lavender.


  • Holistic, flirtatious citrusy blend.

Orange Clove 

  • Zest up your senses in fresh sliced oranges, sprinkled with clove and cinnamon.

Glow Basil

  • A cool, refreshing blend.

Fragrance Oil Blends

Body Frosting

  • This blend is hands-down my favorite scent. A delicious mingle of honey, brown sugar and vanilla notes.

Caribbean Soul

  • Coastal notes taken away with a romantic blend.

Jamaican Me Happy

  • Refreshing, sweet and flirty blend. A personal favorite!!

Gypsy Soul

  • Decadent notes of brown sugar and warm vanilla tones swirled into a sophisticated base.


  • Honeysuckle swirled into a sophisticated floral blend.

Island Storm

  • A gorgeous tropical and herbal blend.

    Blueberry Bliss

    • The most delightful blueberry scent around. I get a lot of positive feedback on this one at markets!

      Meraki Earth

      • An aquatic marine trail contending with citrus, peppermint, cedar and vetiver notes. 
        The Rolling Bell’s signature men’s scent. Confident | Sensual | Daring.
        It’s perfection in it’s entirety for a manly blend. 

      Directions: Spritz throughout your body where desired. Best to apply right after bathing to get the full, silky smooth skin feel.

      Ingredients: vitis vinifera (Grapeseed) oil, caprylic capric triglyceride (Fractionated Coconut Oil), bixa orellana (Urucum Extract), Coco Caprylate/Caprate, tocopherol (Vitamin E); Essential or Fragrance Oil blend.

      For external use only. 
      Always test a small area before applying widely.
      Shelf-life: 12 months
      Net Weight: 2 oz

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