Face Therapy Bundle

Face Therapy Bundle

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Face Therapy Bundle includes Strawberry Honey Face + Lip Scrub, Antheia Hydrating Serum Activator and LUXE MultiVite + Antioxidant Serum. 

Gentle exfoliation two to three times a week brings our most youthful and radiant skin forward.

Serums deliver an intense dose of ingredients to brighten our skin, retain moisture, increase cell renewal, protect and improve overall skin texture.

Strawberry Honey Face + Lip Scrub

Leaves your face refreshed and invigorated with a non-greasy rinse away, bringing your most natural glow forward!

Upon opening you're met with an uplifting essential oil blend, meant to soothe and balance the skin on our face.

Antheia Hydrating Serum Activator
Antheia | the Goddess of the Gardens, Blossoms & Human Love. 

A hydration boost blend, with active ingredients of hyaluronic acid, snow mushroom extract and many more thoughtfully incorporated ingredients. 
When you stay consistent with hydration, glowing skin returns.

Best applied to freshly cleansed skin (after your toner, if using) and be completely absorbed before applying your moisturizer.

Upon opening your bottle your senses are met with a cool, refreshing blend of nature.

LUXE MultiVite + Antioxidant Serum 

The antidote to dull, lifeless skin! A multi-complex vitamin, antioxidant and ceramide concentrate, elegantly handcrafted with full intent to 'wake up' and protect the skin on our face.

Your skin soaks up this serum leaving behind a velvety, soft feel.

Upon opening the bottle your senses are hit with a warm, floral touch of Earth.

Any product in my Face Collection is formulated to be non-comedogenic.