Bell Face Serum with Palmarosa

Bell Face Serum with Palmarosa

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Let this vitamin and essential fatty acids packed serum bring out the most hydrated and nourished appearance your face has to offer! Naturally packed with: Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E.
Moisturizes, repairs and regenerates our skin cells, while acting as an anti-inflammatory and diminishes fine lines! Leaves behind a healthy, radiant glow!

Directions: After your preferred face wash regimen, apply 1-2 drops to clean fingertips and massage into face. (To ensure you are getting the most out of this product, only apply to fingertips and massage into face; if you rub into your palms prior to applying to your face, you're likely to use more of this product than needed at each use).

The difference between Bell Face Serum with Palmarosa and Bell Face Serum with Carrot Seed: I replaced Carrot Seed with Palmarosa to make a Pregnancy, Nursing safe formula. Both Serums have all the same benefits, however I love my results from my Formula with Carrot Seed and I do not want to change it, but I wanted to offer a serum alternative for those who needed it.

Ingredients: argania spinosa (Argan Oil*), rosa canina (Rosehip Oil*), Olive Squalene, Carrot (macerated) Oil; Plant Therapy Essential oils:  Rose Absolute, Geranium Egyptian, Lavender, Frankincense Carteri, Frankincense Frareana, Helichrysum, Palmarosa, Sandalwood Australian. organic*

**Please note, this bottle will last you for months, you are only using 1-2 drops every morning and/or night.** 
For external use only. Due to Carrot Seed essential oil: do not use during pregnancy or nursing. Not intended for use by children.
Shelf-life: 9 months

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