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Turn Back ‘Thyme’ Night Cream

A synergistic blend of retinol, ceramides and fruit acids to repair, replenish, hydrate and improve our skin's complexion as we sleep when used consistently and facial hygiene matches. 

Catch + Release Blemish ‘Spot Mask’

A synergistic blend formulated to catch acne blemishes and release them by increasing cell turnover, then depositing antibacterial, healing and repairing properties provided by an intentional blend of fruit acids, botanical extracts, retinol and nature’s salicylic acid.

‘Start Me Up’ Bundle

This bundle is solely focused on overall skin health. As the largest organ of your body; proper care contributes not only to your skin’s appearance, but also improves long term strength and resilience as we grow older.

The Rolling Bell’s face care line has a specific goal to leave your skin hydrated, healthy, illuminating a youthful glow when used consistently and facial hygiene matches.

  • Turn Back 'Thyme' Night Cream
  • Catch + Release Blemish ‘Spot Mask’
  • 'Start Me Up' Bundle