Honey + Shea Face & Lip Scrub

Honey + Shea Face & Lip Scrub

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This shea butter base Face & Lip Scrub has honey powder, grounded strawberry seeds and organic cane sugar as the exfoliants with a blissful aroma of Clary Sage. Non-comedogenic 
Leaves your face and lips balanced, smooth and soft
Honey Powder attracts dirt from our pores and aids in exfoliating dead skin cells while naturally softening the skin on our face.
Shea Butter a non-comedogenic butter, loaded with Vitamins (especially Vitamin A) and Fatty Acids for deep moisture. Vitamin A promotes cell turnover and collagen production!
Oat infused Sunflower Oil is known to be highly nourishing and aid in retaining moisture in our skin from it's high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants.
Clary Sage calms and soothes the skin.
Vitamin E combats free radicals, moisturizes, good for overall skin appearance.

Skin Care Tip: If you use a scrub on clean, dry skin the more intense the experience. For more sensitive skin, apply water to your skin before use of the scrub.

Directions: Apply to face and/or lips and rinse, up to two times a week. If using in the shower, use with caution as this can make the floor slippery. Follow with the Bell Face Serum, then Bell Face Butter or your preferred nightly moisturizing regimen.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar*, Grounded Strawberry Seeds, helianthus annuus (Oat infused Sunflower Oil*), butyrospermum parkii (Shea Butter*), Honey Powder, Kaolin Clay, tocopherol (Vitamin E). Essential oil: Clary Sage & Lavender. *organic

Use care with getting water into the jar, water creates an environment for bacteria growth.
External Use Only. Not intended for Children. Safe to use during Pregnancy and Nursing.
Shelf life: 4 months

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