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Collection: Natural Perfume for Body, Hair, Room & Pillow

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My Meraki Moon Mists are elements of our Moon and Earth, all while being intriguing for our scent of smell. 

Shake and mist throughout your hair, body, the room or your pillow as much as your heart desires.

This Collection is a work of art. I keep straightforward formulating within my skincare business, but I am a lover of Nature, our Earth and our Moon, so this collection is for me to express myself and you to enjoy a multi-purpose all natural ‘perfume’, room and pillow mist.

In a recent Earth Science class I learned about how the gravitational interaction with our Moon influences the Tides in our Oceans. [Our Sun also influences our tides, but because it’s much further away it’s effect is much less.]

  • Knowing our Moon has effects on the largest part of our Earth [water], leads my excitement in charging the water in my Meraki Moon Mists for cleansing and empowering our mind, body and souls.