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Pair your butter or oil of choice with a moisturizing cleanser and apply right after bathing to get the full, silky smooth skin feel.

Primary functions are to smooth and soften our skin.

Since 'butters' are anhydrous they don't hydrate our skin, which is why it's best to apply right after bathing to lock in that existing moisture.

  • Sweet + Salty Body Scrubs
  • Silky Whipped Body Butters
  • Hippie Skin Body Butter
  • LUXE Bare Body Oil
  • Cocoa Kissed Body Butter
  • Suit and Tie Body Butter
  • Earth Glow Face | Eye | Chest Butter
  • Bare Refresher Mist
  • Pumpkin Vanilla Latte Body Butter
  • Cupcake, Yum Yum! Body Butter
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