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My Mission

Here at The Rolling Bell, my goal is to join the movement of providing safely formulated, clean skincare with 100% ingredient transparency at your fingertips. 

I am about as small as a business gets and the best way I can contribute to this movement is to be true to my word and educate myself before formulating and this what I will continue to do!

There should be zero 'game' when purchasing our skincare products.

We should not have to worry what a handful of ingredients are and have to place multiple products back on the shelf during our shopping trip because 'we aren't sure if it meets our standards for what's acceptable to put on our skin'.

We are all individuals with different standards of what is acceptable and the spectrum for claiming to be natural is so wide that it makes shopping skincare a headache.

This was me. Over and over again as a consumer. 

I am not saying we shouldn't pay attention or do our own research, but I want my customers to know they can trust I did the research for them and I will always be honest with what's in my products.

  • If a day comes I decide, although an ingredient is not 'natural', but I feel it has a meaningful purpose for our skin, you best believe I will be as transparent as possible about it.

I want to advocate for you!
Advocating is a large part of nursing, which is my occupation and I am carrying this quality into my business of skincare.

When I started The Rolling Bell I used the word 'natural, natural, natural'.. the more I delve into the 'natural skincare world', I realize how loosely this word is used here in the US. 
You could find a company who uses one ingredient that is naturally-derived and slap an 'all natural' label on the bottle without repercussion.

  • Please understand the school of 'Natural Skincare' that I went through is based in Australia and their skincare has more regulations they must meet.
    • For example, the stability testing I just had done on my Optimum Face Cream is not required in the US, but you could not sell skincare in AU without passing a stability test. 
      It absolutely should be normalized here and will be one day, it's good manufacturing practice. I want to be well-versed for this change when it occurs.

These reasonings are why 'all natural' honestly has incompetent meaning in the US... for now, at least.

Link to Natural Cosmetic Act Bill -

Link to Sean Maloney (Natural Cosmetic Act) - 

There is movement occurring here to provide more regulations on the word 'natural' and this is wonderful, because it will take the guesswork out of formulating for the creator and purchasing for the consumer!

It will hold companies to higher standards and not allow them to claim to be 'all natural', yet using ingredients that are clearly synthetic in higher amounts than acceptable.

This is frustrating for natural skincare businesses, because we work hard to learn about ingredients, then learn about 'bad ingredients' and then learn about natural alternatives. 

It adds many extra steps to our processes, not to mention the 'natural alternative' ingredients are normally more expensive.. all of this extra that is behind the scenes no one sees to turn and see another company claim to be all natural (greenwashing) and use synthetic ingredients that are usually black-listed for natural skincare businesses without question or backlash.

There is a particular list of ingredients that you will never see used here at The Rolling Bell, LLC (this will be a link to open a new window once I complete my list and reasonings).

Chemicals are everywhere; water is a chemical. Chemicals are good and bad and even safe chemicals, like water, can be toxic to us at a certain level! 

When you learn to formulate, you learn what usage range is safe for ingredients and for water soluble ingredients you learn what pH is needed for it to be active.

It's important the skincare formulator you are buying from understands this, because everything we use are 'chemicals', even a clean ingredient could be toxic if it's not properly formulated.

I love science!! Science has moved us forward leaps and bounds!! I no longer want to feel like my advertising is pushing 'science is bad' down consumer's throats.

So, I am stepping into the skincare movement of advocating and educating for results driven, clean skincare.

Skincare that takes the guess work out of choosing what's best for you.

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