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What Does a Serum do for our Skin?

I offer a few different serums in my face care line (more targeted serums will come with time) and although this may seem redundant or even confusing, I do this because we all have our own skin issues we battle with and each serum is formulated to combat targeted issues we may face.

These serums are here so you don't have to fight your skin battles alone, by choosing the right one that suites your needs.

A serum is not a moisturizer, like a cream, but instead a highly concentrated formula designed to sink into our skin quickly.

I offer three skin serums so far:

  • CoQ10 + Vitamin C Face Serum
    • targeted for overall skin health.
  • Enliven Eye Serum
    • targeted to brighten and nourish the skin under and around our eyes.
  • Hydration Boost Serum
    • targeted to improve hydration and dry skin issues.

My serums deliver an intense dose of ingredients to brighten our skin, increase cell renewal, protect and improve overall skin texture. 

Any serum is best to be applied after cleansing our skin, but before our moisturizer.

Hopefully, this blog helps you make a decision on which products may be best suited for you! ❤️

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