Leave-On Face Care Products Breakdown

I offer a few different leave-on products in my face care line and although this may seem redundant or even confusing, I do this because we all have our own skin issues we battle with and each product is formulated to combat different issues we may face.

All of my leave-on products are here to promote a happy and healthy relationship between you and your skin, by choosing the right routine that suites your needs.

Leave-On Face Care Products Breakdown:

My serums deliver an intense dose of ingredients to brighten our skin, increase cell renewal, protect and improve overall skin texture. 

Any serum is best to be applied after cleansing our skin, but before our moisturizer.

  • Optimum Earth Glow Face Cream 
    • simply put, Optimum is an emulsion blend of LUXE Face Serum and Antheia Dew Drop, plus other protective skin barrier ingredients.
    • this cream can be used by itself as an all-in-one moisturizer, in the morning and/or at bedtime.
    • I highly recommend this blend at least in your bedtime routine.

Hopefully, this blog helps you understand the thought process behind my formulas and makes building your Rolling Bell Skincare Routine a little simpler. ❤️

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