I've had a number of people reach out to me regarding "acne" and other skin problems. I want to share where I stand with my products on development. To start, the products I sell are anhydrous formulas, meaning: no water. No water means zero preservatives necessary, straightforward formulating. During start-up my products were not geared towards "specific skin issues", they were geared towards over-all skin health based off normal skin. You must gain skills and more knowledge as you grow to build a solid foundation. My focus was on moisturizing with nutrient dense ingredients, which overall has completely changed my skin! I realize I am biased, however I cannot discredit my own experiences. My customers have a chance to voice their experience with my products in their reviews, which are outlined within my website and under individual products! 

I have used bareMinerals make-up since high school, bareMinerals is the foundation of Clean Beauty in my opinion- they have been around since I was seven years old and they still come out with new and improved products, heck their motto is "make-up so pure, you can sleep in it". I still use their "well-rested" and bronzer for contouring, but I no longer use a foundation on my face. Not even their "Complexion Rescue tinted moisturizer", which has been my go-to since it launched! I no longer take a low-dose antibiotic to treat the inflammation in my skin (and I am not saying certain types of acne don't need this, you should listen to your dermatologist when they give you a treatment regimen. There is reasoning behind systemic low-dose antibiotics that has to do with inflammation and certain severities of acne need this or you're subjecting yourself to scarring). My overall skin health has improved by drastic measures. It is quite freeing, actually. I always admired women who could go without layers of make-up to improve their skin tone or not carry around the tissue paper to absorb oils throughout the day!

Back to business outlook:

I will have more (naturally formulated) high performance products the further I go, specifically targeted formulas with AHAs & BHAs (naturally derived, chemical instead of physical exfoliants). I have a soap formula in the making, specifically for our face, to unclog our pores by dissolving dead skin cell build up on the surface of our skin. This handcrafted, from scratch face cleanser is to be paired with one of the Face Serums that will be specifically targeted to help Dry skin, Oily skin or Maturing skin, because each of these skin types require individualistic care. For sensitive to normal skin, I would recommend my already formulated: Bell Face Serum with Carrot Seed or Palmarosa.

Next, I will be getting into more lotion-based formulas. This will allow me to create a hand cream because it will be fast-absorbing, unlike the body butters. This will be more versatile for convenient any time of day use! 

Once this is mastered, I will have an AHA based cream to aid in sloughing off dead skin cells for smoothing rough hands, feet, knees, elbows, keratosis pilaris (this is the rough-bumpy feel some people get on their arms and thighs).

I am looking into adding a stick deodorant option for those who prefer stick deodorant over the paste, which you manually rub in. I have paused here, because this container will be plastic and I really want to stay away from plastic packaging!! 

Lastly, I am looking into a lip balm container that allows the classic roll-up option versus using your finger. I always want to use my lip balm at work, but I can't because that is not sanitary, at all! I don't mind using my lip balm container at home, but I want this product to be more user-friendly anywhere, at anytime!

Like I've said since starting my business, the direction in natural skincare is limitless! This blog post is not a diary of the only products I plan to create, but having the option in my career to see different skin issues on a routine basis encourages me to create naturally based answers, when it's suitable! 

One last note: Thank you to my Rolling Bell Family who has believed in me and gave my products a chance to become a source of nutrients for your skin, hair and/or nails! I appreciate each of you!

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