Essential Oil Safety (Rolling Bell Family who are Pregnant, Planning Pregnancy, Nursing or with Small Children, please read)

Hi everyone!

I want to touch base with my Rolling Bell Family on Essential oils and safety. I realize I make it a priority to make my products "natural" and "plant-derived", but even though those words are being used and they are true, it is still extremely important to know some Essential oils come with cautions. Not all Essential oils are safe for everyone.

My goal is to always be honest and up front with you regarding my ingredients and research. Green-washing is a thing and I do not do that here. 

Essential oils are "natural" products, however this does not mean they are all safe for everyone. Essential oil use has many wonderful benefits, but they must be respected. Essential oils must be diluted properly before any use. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from plants.

I have created Pregnancy Safe, Nursing Safe and Children Safe Collections to help my customers have an easier experience with me, choosing the right product that suites their life.

I had many recipes that included Eucalyptus (I was using Globulus and putting cautions on many of my products.. not impressed), after speaking with the aromatherapist with Plant Therapy (where I purchase my Essential oils), she explained to me that Eucalyptus Radiata and Globulus contain 80% of 1,8 cineole and anything above 40% can cause breathing issues in children. You will see I use Eucalyptus Dives in any of my products that contain eucalyptus, which is kid safe because this eucalyptus only has 1,8 cineole in a very small amount. 

These fine, little details are what has been taking me so long to "go live" with my shop. I am running through everything to ensure the safety of what I am putting a label on, so thank you for your patience!

Please keep in mind that Essential Oils only make up 1% out of 100% of all of my formulas and recipes. Or simpler said: Essential oils are being diluted properly in each product.

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