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Why I Trust Cannabinoids

Soil + Sea Magnesium Cream has been strategically formulated with a handcrafted trilogy blend of cannabinoids, magnesium oil and arnica.

Below is me explaining ‘my why’ for trusting cannabinoids!

Most of what I do is energized by love. I am going to start from the beginning of this story, Buddy; my shadow, my best friend.

Since the day I saw him running through a country road. This beautiful, brown dog was running straight for my car, like he was placed in that field by my guardian angel and as soon as his feet hit the ground he knew exactly where he was headed. I opened my car door, he jumped in right over top of me and sat down in my passenger seat like.. "let's go, mom".

Following this moment, I pulled into many surrounding homes, called police stations and animal shelters trying to find his original owners with no success. 

In his younger years he used to follow me around the house, everywhere. It didn't matter how many steps I took; if I got up, he got up. When I went to bed, he would be in his bed right next to me. When I mowed the lawn, he would be sitting in a patch of grass nearby. He was always watching over me. 

Last year, he was diagnosed with diabetes, lost his vision and stopped being able to take his gabapentin. I thought I was losing him completely. But with a diet change, insulin and CBD oil I have been able to keep him with me. This inspires my formulating of a topical spray I can use on his hips in between his oral doses.

I owe every day I still have with Buddy to the science of cannabinoids.

In my studies I was interested in learning why cannabinoids work. I learned about research proving that CBD has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect in our skin cells, along with antioxidant properties. I have been pushing 'vitamins and antioxidants' for our skin since starting this business, so it feels right adding this hero ingredient to my skincare line. 

There are other studies showing CBD's effects on balancing sebum (or oils on our skin), so someday I might have an 'oily prone skin' CBD Face Serum.

Some interesting facts regarding cannabinoids:

Our bodies have CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout, acting as the 'lock', making the cannabinoids the 'key'.

Our bodies have the ability to produce endocannabinoid (endo meaning within our bodies) molecules which are involved in several physiological processes, such as appetite control, memory function, stress response, immune system function, pain management and sleep control.

Phyto-cannabinoids are structurally similar to endocannabinoids which means that they can mimic the functions and bind to the same cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. This could explain why some people who are using cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts report experiencing beneficial results with managing chronic pain, insomnia, stress etc. 

I've watched CBD give me more time with a treasure to my heart. 

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  • Hello! I’ve been considering your products for a while. I’m definitely going to give a few of them a try. I love your testimony on CBD For your dog. I’m a passionate advocate and user of CBD. Green Compass Global CBD is what I use
    If you’re interested 💚


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